Cotto d'Este goes to Russia for Arch Moscow

From May 16 to 20, Cotto d'Este is taking part in Arch Moscow, an event dedicated to architects at the Central House of Artist in Moscow, in conjunction with the 6th edition of the Moscow Biennale Architecture.

Arch Moscow brings together the protagonists from architecture, design and trade from both Russia and the main international markets. Designers, developers and companies work closely together to give life to a cultural event, which also is an important business occasion. 

Cotto d'Este, together with their partner for the Russian market, MADE Archskin, have a stand in Hall 8 (stand 8/1) dedicated to the brand.

The installation, by the IND ARCHITECTS studio, is an extremely suggestive setting using ultra-thin slabs in Kerlite. The ceramic material takes on decidedly new forms, creating two trees positioned inside a sort of minimalist stage, with everything made of Kerlite in Over finish and Road colour.

The base of the trees is composed of two slabs in the new Cement Project Work Color-20 finish. The foliage, on the other hand, was made by carefully piecing together 6,000 small slabs: 1,000 in Kerlite, in the Ultrawhite finish, and the others in semi-transparent plexiglass to increase illumination.

The concept of the design, inspired by nature, is a direct link to the debate on sustainability that Cotto d'Este has been carrying out for some time through Kerlite. The large ultra-thin ceramic slabs of the brand, in fact, thanks to such a reduced thickness (down to 3.5mm), have a minimal ecological impact: less raw materials, less consumption of water and energy, lower CO2 and lower transport emissions.

Kerlite is an incredibly flexible and resistant product whose strengths are versatility and ease of use. Thin, light and with sizes up to 100x300 cm, Kerlite slabs are reinforced with fiberglass and meet the design challenges of contemporary architecture.


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