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  • Location Piozzo (Cuneo)
  • Partner Distributor Casa Oikos Berardo
  • Photo Credits Bruno Mandrile

The prestigious brand Baladin, a pioneer in the high quality artisan beer sector in Italy, has chosen Cotto d’Este’s X-BETON collection for its new production facility located in the heart of the Langhe region. X-BETON is available in 14 mm thick porcelain stoneware  with superior technical and aesthetic characteristics.

MORE RESISTANT TO SHOCK, 3 TIMES MORE RESISTANT TO LOADS when compared to the average traditional 10 mm thick products

ANTIBACTERIAL, thanks to its integrated silver ion technology “X-BETON” is part of the  PROTECT® product line, the exclusive range of surfaces protected by an innovative, safe, and completely non-toxic antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and is active 24/7.

Brewery Baladin: Photo 1
x-beton---dot-50 x-beton---dot-50

X-Beton - DOT 50

Los formatos utilizados:

  • 60x60 cm
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The Baladin brewery chooses Cotto d’Este’s 14 mm thick porcelain stoneware

"I chose X-BETON ceramic after a great deal of consideration. Partly for the feeling it gave me and partly for its sanitizing properties which are fundamental in a laboratory,” said Teo Musso, founder of Birra Baladin, when explaining his reasons for selecting this Cotto d’Este product.

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