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  • Location Latiano - Italy
Photo credits: Paolo Lorenzi
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 1

Producto utilizado

"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 3
elegance---via-condotti elegance---via-condotti


Los formatos utilizados:

  • 50x50 cm
  • 100x100 cm
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elegance---via-montenapoleone elegance---via-montenapoleone


Los formatos utilizados:

  • 100x300 cm
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buxy---caramel buxy---caramel


Los formatos utilizados:

  • 100x100 cm
  • 100x300 cm
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"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 5
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 6
Buxy - Caramel
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 7
Elegance - Via Montenapoleone
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 8
Elegance - Via Condotti
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 9
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 10
Elegance - Via Montenapoleone
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 11
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 12
Elegance - Via Condotti
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 13
Buxy - Caramel
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 14
"Il Vittoriano" Banqueting Hall: Photo 15
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Slowing down today, to come back stronger tomorrow.

Today more than ever, doing business demands a strong sense of responsibility as well as the ability to be flexible, in particular at a time as dramatically complex as the one we’ve been living through over the past few weeks due to the Covid-19 situation.

Right from the start we instituted a series of strict rules for the purpose of safeguarding the health and safety of our employees in the workplace, in full respect of the regulations passed by the Italian government.

Now we have decided to temporarily halt manufacturing in our Italian sites, which will remain closed for three weeks as of this Friday 20th March because of an external economic situation that is momentarily impacting negatively the market.

Nevertheless, the company is not closing.

We are here for you, and for those who wish to continue choosing our products and to whom we will guarantee the best commercial assistance and an efficient delivery service.

We are still here, with our continuous innovation and our ongoing research into new products and solutions that we will soon be proud to launch.

We will come back even stronger than before, ready for the new challenges that await us!