Ferruccio Laviani presents AllOver

In the Inhabits Design City at the 2018 Fuorisalone, Cotto d'Este is installing AllOver, a contemplative space, a place to get away from the surrounding environment and discover the company's materials and finishes; the door to a new concept of living and building.

In the words of Ferruccio Laviani, who designed the project: 'AllOver is the combination of architecture, exhibition space and installation. A space not only to look at, but to move through and touch. This subtle atmosphere, where nothing is shrill, simply shows how a natural material has given life to a new material, the fruit of technology. A structure that invites us inside, asking to be visited and explored, presenting us with a new experience that, for a moment, suspends time and place and allows us to focus on ourselves and the space around us. Just get to know the material, the technical possibilities and qualities through the senses of touch and sight. I have called it 'AllOver' to give even more emphasis to the expressive potential of the product, using it on all surfaces, flat and curved, making the structure similar to a monolith just waiting to be looked at, touched and entered.’ 

The stars of the Cotto d'Este installation, the ultra-thin, maxi-sized ceramic slabs in Kerlite have been given new meaning by Ferruccio Laviani, who exalts the qualities of the material in a scenographic, sculptural and evocative project.

Kerlite is the exclusive technology that guarantees the leading role of Cotto d'Este's laminated porcelain stoneware slabs. The design potential of the material is apparent when you consider the qualities of the material. In fact, thanks to a height of up to 3 meters, the Kerlite maxi-size permits reducing joints to a minimum, which means big, homogeneous surfaces. At the same time the lightness, the glass fibre reinforcement and the reduced thickness (3.5mm and 5.5mm) allow a unique bending radius for the material, overcoming the usual conception of flat surfaces and opening the world of stoneware to a new concept of flexibility.


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