Embracing Nordic elegance: A guide to creating balance and harmony at home

The perfect combination of Swedish minimalism and Danish romanticism, Nordic style embodies quiet luxury for interior design.

Simple, functional, and welcoming: these are the main characteristics of Scandinavian style, a trend that has become extremely popular in the world of interior design over the past few years. Its allure is clear: Nordic style focuses on quality of life, fostering functional environments that blend balance, cleanliness, and well-being, while exuding a unique character.

Exploring Minimalist Design: What do we mean by Nordic style?

Originating in the frigid region of Northern Europe, the objective of Scandinavian style is as much about functionality as it is aesthetics: to make homes welcoming, in places characterised by a harsh and unforgiving climate. This approach to design has since spread to other latitudes as well, responding to the needs of those who seek a harmonious fusion between practicality and aesthetics. Characterised by clean lines, neutral colours, and natural materials, Nordic style offers a relaxing retreat and a welcoming atmosphere, in harmony with nature, light, and the external environment.

Balance is paramount: Nordic design is characterised by its measured approach and ability to connect man and nature, leaving room for life. In essence: less is more. The result of a precise philosophy, Scandinavian aesthetics aim to establish warm and cosy spaces that meet the needs of those who live in them and create environments where one can simply feel good. The Danish describe this philosophy with the word Hygge, or rather the feeling of contentment and happiness that comes from enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

How to Create a Home in Perfect Scandinavian Style

While the concept behind Scandinavian design is simple, creating a space that fully embodies its nature can be deceptively challenging. Here is some advice on how to create the perfect home in modern Nordic style.


Contrary to what one might think, modern Scandinavian style is not cold. Warmth is essential and the principles of the perfect Hygge style focus on creating cosy and inviting situations and environments. Therefore, all warm and comforting tones are particularly well-suited.

  • Yes to neutral colours: ivory, dove grey, cream, and taupe are classics of the Scandinavian-inspired palette, thanks to their ability to brighten a room.
  • Yes to natural shades: sage green, grey, slate, powder blue, rust, and nude are perfect allies when it comes not only to furniture, but also to walls and flooring in Scandinavian style.
  • Yes to pastel colours, like pink and powder blue, especially on walls or in cosy environments. For example, they’re perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting Nordic-style living room.
  • Pairing with white is often an excellent choice as it brightens a room and makes it feel more spacious.

So is black completely forbidden? No, but it should be used sparingly to accentuate design features or should be paired with natural materials, wood first and foremost.


Even when it comes to materials, the key word is balance.

Natural materials are encouraged, combining wood and stone, glass and natural fabrics. Light is also essential, enveloping and defining the space, spreading naturally throughout the environment. The true luxury is visual silence, without frills or strong contrasts, expressed through harmony and discretion.

In creating the perfect Nordic-style home, ceramic surfaces can be very helpful. Tiles in a modern Nordic-style bathroom can be a precious ally. Similarly, a “shabby chic” Nordic-style kitchen will be far more durable when using wood-effect porcelain stoneware.


A Swedish-style home is the perfect sanctuary in which to free one’s eyes and mind, a place to comfortably relax, offering solace from the harsh northern climate and the hectic pace of everyday life. Space becomes a blank canvas on which to design one’s own daily routine: functionality and order define the environments, in a continuum of nuances and materials that are in harmony with nature. Just a few thoughtfully selected details that cater to human needs, where every single element is necessary and nothing is superfluous.

The nordic-style kitchen

The Nordic-style kitchen is often characterised by the presence of a long table or a peninsula around which everyone can gather. The ideal seating consists of stools, benches, or chairs with a minimalist design. In a modern Nordic-style kitchen, wood is the primary element. Whether it be a natural material or porcelain stoneware, the warmth of wood is often paired with iron elements or stone details, to create contrasts in texture.

In sensitive environments like the kitchen, Nordic-style tiles are undoubtedly the choice that best combines beauty and durability.

The scandinavian-style living room

An environment that is minimalist and tidy, yet also extremely warm and inviting. This is the key to creating a Scandinavian-style living room. So embrace sofas with clean lines, that are also soft, and pair them with a warm blanket, a rug, and a stylish coffee table. The living room becomes even more welcoming with the addition of a bookcase and shelves decorated with plants. Lighting is also fundamental, whether it consists of lamps or candles.

The surfaces inspired by rolled concrete from the X-Beton line, with their textured look, available in three sophisticated colours, are perfect for a contemporary Scandinavian-style living room.

The nordic-style bedroom

As with the other rooms, functionality is the key here too. So opt for ottoman beds, storage benches, and spacious wooden wardrobes, even without doors for those seeking an extremely minimalist design. This, along with the living room, is the room in which, according to the Hygge philosophy, one spends the most time. For this reason it can be furnished with a minimalist desk and all the accessories that make an environment more comfortable, like blankets, footrests, comfortable pillows, and even a soft rug positioned at the foot of the bed.

For those who love a cosy Nordic-style bedroom, different kinds of porcelain stoneware cladding can be paired with one another to evoke the beauty of northern forests. Meanwhile, for an urban touch, Cement Project by Cotto d’Este is the perfect choice, thanks to a wide range of shades and textures that provide the utmost freedom of design.

The scandinavian-style bathroom

In a Scandinavian-style bathroom, simplicity is key, reflected in wooden elements and a clean minimalist design. To brighten the space, one can use large mirrors and even candles to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

For a bathroom with a total Scandinavian look, antibacterial porcelain stoneware offers valuable protection, safety, and durability.


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